February Blues

Oh well, at least we’re nearly halfway through February ! January was a bit of a struggle, and although I am not a manicaly social person I am missing having the choice of where to go or what do do. I think we all need to feel the warmth of the sun on our backs just to help us get through.

Maureen has been a source of joy and concern in varying degrees! I think I saw her eat a mouse and a whole one at that, either she did or it was playing dead and mysteriously vanished into thin air when I wasn’t looking! I googled it and apparantly they do !

She’s braving the snow and is remarkably hardy in most weathers, although she does have the option of escaping to the porch, the studio or the greenhouse where she has a variety of goodies to tempt her, be it her favourite food, a lamp to sunbath by, a tray of warm water, a plastic bag (for pecking) or a tray of dry soil to have a bath !!! I am putting vaseline on her comb to protect it from freezing (another google tip)

Her next door neighbour Mildred aka Cluck Cluck came to visit

As to my art, I have become an associate member of the Penwith Society of Art, and am preparing to enter two paintings for their next exhibition.

Which ones to choose ?

And to finish, I had my Pfiser vaccine on Thursday, the weather’s warming up: onwards and upwards

Published by pigstystudioartistinresidence

Old enough to know better! Living the life I love in Herefordshire. Creating art and other things in my studio at the bottom of the garden.

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