Christmas wrappings, a poorly Chicken and a “pome

There it was gone !! another Christmas hits the dust. A very quiet one for most of us and hopefully a happy and healthy one.

I love wrapping presents and making stuff with glitter and bits of material, here are some of my wrappings, home made cards and the Tree

Watching the last sunset of 2020 and not sad to see it go, sitting here watching the sun go down behind ‘The Skirrid’ Abergavenny, with a glass of bubbly and my love ! and crisps!…..A ‘pome’ came to my head, (as it does)

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‘Into a year of hope’

“Farewell thou orb of blazing light, proceed your way through the deepening night; Take with you all the woe and plight that this past year has been our blight.When you rise again in the glassy morn, may health and hope and joy be your’n.”

C.Thompson circa 2020

In other words let’s hope next year is better than this one. (Apologies for “your’n” !)

A zoom party celebrated the New year on the Thursday, dressing up in our finery with bubbly. With my lovely friends Julie (Gloucestershire) and Millie (Lancashire)

Bryan and I enjoyed a steak dinner and we watched Jools Holland’s Hootenanny bringing in 2021 for us.

The New year brought some distress as Maureen decided not to eat or drink for a few days and would just stay in her nest, or stand and stare into the hedge. With much coaching we managed to get her to take some warm oil in a syringe ( in case it was crop impaction) and honey water to rehydrate her. Bryan must have dug up about 20 worms for her from beneath the frosty hard soil ! She ate them with relish and that was the turning point. I gave her a tepid bath to clean her nether regions and she stood up against the woodburner preeing until she was dry !

Eventually she picked up despite a few sleepless nights ! I think she went a bit broody and a bit depressed. She is so used to comapany and we hadn’t been around much because of the bad weather.

She has moved into the studio for a while until the snow goes, and I am spending most of the days with her, catching up on my painting while she warms herself next to the logburner.

You can just see Maureen staring into the hedge in the centre of the second photo.

A Very Very Happy New Year to you all!

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