At home

Another lockdown nearly finished, well sort of !……………………. I’m spending most of my time in the studio. I decided to handpaint all of my Christmas cards as my printer has given up on me, hopefull they will be beautiful simple splashes of colour !

I am trying to finsh off all the paintings I’ve started over the last 3 years I’ve got about 10 to go! ( no doubt there will be 10 more by the time I’ve finished those !) they will gradually appear in my shop.

Off to work tommorrow to tend the only garden I kept on after retiring, at May Hill, I love going there as her garden is reclaimed farmland and she has the most wonderful art studio. Then after that I’m delivering 2 dozen eggs to Julie who lives in Tibberton, she will give me a most delicious bowl of handmade soup, which we will deligently eat outside.

Two friends and I are are doing a Friday evening zoom with each of us holding a workshop in turn, Millie did a great make up one for the over 50s and Julie did an amazing one on christmas wreaths, mine was creating a collage a collage from findings in the garden photos to follow. Julie’s are the gorgeous wreaths, Millies are the gorgeous candle holders and mine is the house and the orange wreath…… I think I’ll stick to painting ! our workshops are great fun with a glass of wine or two !

At this pont I would like to ammend a previous blog when I said that my painting prices start at £25….. they actually start at £30 . The smallest ones are 10 x 10cm and the largest one is 60 x 42 cms (at the moment, they are getting smaller at one end of the scale and larger at the other end !

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Old enough to know better! Living the life I love in Herefordshire. Creating art and other things in my studio at the bottom of the garden.

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