Brush strokes and jottings

24th March 2020…..and the start of lock down…………….

Gosh, my first ever website! And blog;… exciting. Not quite sure what to say!

Well; my name is Chris Thompson, I live in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, have a lovely bespoke studio at the bottom of the garden, with amazing views of the hills and Welsh mountains

(Which was lovely until I filled it with all my ‘stuff’)

I’m a self taught artist trying out all sorts of ideas. Including painting, wire work, beach art and anything else that takes my fancy ! All is for sale at reasonable not silly prices.

I’m not in the studio at the moment as making a late breakfast of yoghurt and nuts and honey and coffee.

Also preparing photos and images for my new site.

See you later with hopefully something exciting!

Published by pigstystudioartistinresidence

Old enough to know better! Living the life I love in Herefordshire. Creating art and other things in my studio at the bottom of the garden.

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